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Below you will find information on any upcoming events. As always, these are free to attend.

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New Rules, New Revenue: Maximizing and Simplifying SDoH Reimbursement.


Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) reimbursements quarterly update. Come watch this 45 min online update to see how to make this new revenue opportunity simple and easy while providing tangible value for your community.

Wixcorp CEO RCM Success Review

This 45-minute online event is a must-see for executives and managers wanting an industry update and see how others are focusing on RCM solution to improve Account Receivables (A/R) metrics and Patient Experience.



White Paper Released


Wixcorp has released their Redde Integration and Onboarding White Paper. This document is intended to give potential customers a valuable overview and insight into what makes the Redde platform so beneficial to healthcare organizations.


Why Download this Document?


  • Wixcorp's CTO Message
    • The paper discusses possible implementation risks of change and their preparation to avoid these risks.
  • The Impact of Cost of Change
    • The paper also discusses the current state versus the future state based on the impact of change.
    • Includes an easy-to-read explanation showing the breakdown of costs for making a change.
  • The Secret Sauce
    • This section outlines the secret to keeping integration costs low and keeping outcomes high.
  • What are Wixcorp's Clients Saying?
    • See what existing customers are saying about the ease of implementation, available training, vendor communications, onsite implementation support, the impact to their patient journey and patient payments.

Even if you are not in the market today for an upgrade to your patient journey and financial collections (without changing out your existing EMR investment), you will still want to download this white paper so that when you are ready, you will know more of the questions to ask vendors you may be considering.

There is no cost or obligation for the download. And we are not going to ask you for your contact information either. Just click the button below in order to download the PDF.

If you would like to know more about Wixcorp Redde, or have any questions, please contact us by scheduling a call with us.

As always, YOU drive the conversation and the outcome. We are here to help you get answers and more:

  • Why trust Wixcorp with your patient journey and revenue collections?
  • Timing for any change is set by you, not the provider.
  • Your budget dictates any sale. The provider needs to help show you an acceptable ROI.
  • Answers to questions so you clearly understand the solution prior to signing any agreement.
  • No uplift sales into other areas without your request or permission. Let's focus on this solution and see if it is a proven fit before diving into any unrelated tangents.


Patient Experience Trends Heading into 2023


A valuable overview of what has and will be happening in Patient Experience.


Online Replay



Management and executives in healthcare that have decision-making responsibility for systems and services that directly and indirectly impact patient experience.


Schedule a Discussion on Your Patient Experience Roadmap


Talk to your technology broker about what changes you would like to make in your patient experience. Hear what other companies are doing to make enhancements to their patient experience. There is no cost or obligation.



Click on the link above to select a date and time that works with your schedule for a Microsoft Teams meeting with a CoreTech technology broker. The broker may bring additional resources to the call to help answer your questions.


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